Spa Romance in St. Michael’s, MD

Posted: August 30, 2008 in Leisure, Photography
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A weekend getaway at Five Gables always does the trick! 

View of the Inn's new buildings from the Spa










This was our 3rd visit to Five Gables Inn and Spa and probably the most memorable. 

The Inn has gone through a fairly major expansion in the past few years to a total of 20 rooms. We stayed in a new room in the new building which also houses the breakfast area. The innkeeper, Barbara, was very helpful and courteous. 

The shower in our room was a work of art in itself. Powerful jets of water – 9 of them – shot out of the wall in all different directions and temperatures. Very VICHY! There was also a built-in bench to relax while being pounded by walls of water. The standard-sized jacuzzi and all AVEDA products were the icing on the cake. Who needs to leave the room? When we did venture out we did it mostly on foot. Everything is easily accessible in St. Michael’s. 

We always opt for the couple’s side-by-side massage after turning into noodles from the 1/2 hour herbal, hydro bath. I chose Peppermint AVEDA oil for the bath – Kellie chose Tea Tree. My massage could have gone on for another hour. ERIN HAS HANDS OF STEEL. 

I have a feeling we’ll be going again by Christmas.

  1. bchboy1 says:

    Wow! What a great getaway…when you do it you do it I glow green with envy!

  2. KellyD says:

    Headed to Five Gables in late Dec. Curious if you saw a ground-level Suite, which is where i’m booked?
    And any good lunch or breakfast tips? All set for dinner..

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