It’s that time of year again. AWARDS TIME!! DC finally has the dance equivalent of the theatre community’s Helen Hayes Awards – The Metro DC Dance Awards. It seemed as though everyone in the DC dance world was there and I couldn’t have been happier. The reception and silent auction that followed the Awards Ceremony was held at the Watergate’s 600 New Hampshire Avenue.

I decided to take my point and shoot camera along – I needed a break from carrying around my usual 10 pounds of gear – to see how the shots would turn out. I don’t think I’ll try that again. Not too bad for the first time using it in a party situation, but I still don’t know what I’m doing with a point and shoot. Give me a Hasselblad, Canon or Nikon SLR any day.

I got to see some of old friends and to make some new ones: Jonathan Jordan, Sona Kharatian, Carla Perlo, Helanius Wilkins, Katerina Kopsidas, Helen Hayes, Judy Hansen, Harriet Williams, Meera Wolfe, George Jackson, Jean Battey Lewis, Nejla Yatkin, Gesel Mason, Cheles Rhynes, Karen J Reedy, Doug Yeuell, Lesole Maine, Vincent Thomas, Vin Grabill, Lynn Joslin, Dan Burkholder, Ziva Cohen, Laura Diserio, Enoch Chan, and many others!

  1. Vanessa W. Edwards says:

    Tony Powell, brilliant, as usual!

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