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Kate Michael © Tony Powell

Kate Michael © Tony Powell

On the first real summer day we’ve had in DC this year, Kate Michael joined 450 of her friends @ luxury furniture and clothing boutique Muleh to celebrate 3 years of her online magazine, The heat didn’t seem to stop some of the men from wearing jackets and ties however. There must be a gene that that allows some men to stay cool in 96 degree weather without breaking a sweat. I certainly don’t have that gene. It was nice to see a female DJ for a change. djNeekola kept the mood just right and held court at the front of Muleh inside of a futuristic sculpture-like enclosure. Muleh owner Christopher Reiter and L2 owner Rodrigo co-hosted with Kate and the RSVP-only crowd included designer Ebong Eka, models Rhiannon Day and Jacqueline Akoko, Lee Barona, dancer Aaron Jackson, Amanda and Curtis Polk, Kevin Roots, John Cecchi, Chris Thompson, Erin Murtha, Eric Brewer, Angie and Ali Diba, and DJ extraordinaire Adrian Loving.

© Tony Powell

© Tony Powell

© Tony Powell

© Tony Powell


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