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I’ve never been to a party that my friend Kimball Stroud has organized that I didn’t like. The Impact Film Festival founder, event planner, and non-profit and film fundraiser, co-hosted this invite-only advance screening and after party with Sundance and SILVERDOCS PR chief Jody Arlington.

The back room of CoCo Sala was jam-packed with cinephiles last Wednesday night after having just seen “In the Loop,” a new political satire that’s been described as ‘The Office  Meets the West Wing.”

In his Sundance Festival review of “In the Loop,” film critic James Rocchi found it to be, “achingly, wrenchingly, dizzyingly funny, with a bleak, bitter sense of humor that makes each laugh feel like the people behind In the Loop are not so much tickling your funny bone as they are going at it with an ice pick.

Director Armando Iannucci was on hand, and so were the writers, the same team that brought the political comedy series “The Thick of It,” to the BBC. David Rasche, the much sought-after character actor was also there with his wife, son, and daughter-in law.

The best part of the night?

The opportunity to put my camera away and catch up with Kimball and Melissa Torres over tapas. The film opens at the E Street Cinema on the 24th of this month.

© Tony Powell

© Tony Powell


Click the link below to view a clip from the movie.


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