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Lindsay Kin © Tony Powell

Lindsay Kin wearing a vintage Bob Mackie © Tony Powell

Sunday’s fashion shoot at Meridian Hill Park and later – 35th & Reservoir in Georgetown –  was like a dream come true. I never really thought I’d be able to assemble a first-rate group of hair and makeup artists, or work with models and designers that I admire without having deep pockets or Leibovitz as a last name. But with lots of honest hard work and plenty of gentle begging I was able to do just that.

Andrew Paterini and Stefanie Ball © Tony Powell

Andrew Paterini wearing Andrew Nowell and Stefanie Ball in a gown by Carmen Marc Valvo © Tony Powell

Stefanie Ball and Andrew Paterini © Tony Powell

Stefanie Ball and Andrew Paterini © Tony Powell

With my website launching on my birthday – November 14th – I needed one more photo shoot to complete my fashion gallery (for the time being) in time for the launch. My good friends Susanna Quinn and Lily Mazahery were gracious enough to lend me current and vintage couture dresses from their personal collections just for this photo shoot. With dresses by Vera Wang, Nicole Miller, Bob Mackie, and Carmen Marc Valvo, I was entrusted with clothing worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Lindsay Kin, Brooke Monahan, and Courtney Caldwell © Tony Powell

Lindsay Kin, Brooke Monahan, and Courtney Caldwell © Tony Powell

The hair and makeup team for this shoot were all new to me but it felt like we’ve been together from the start.

Lindsay Kin, Andrew Paterini, and Brooke Monahan © Tony Powell

Lindsay Kin wearing Nicole Miller, Andrew Paterini, and Brooke Monahan in vintage Vera Wang © Tony Powell

I saw Shana Janelle Swain‘s makeup before I ever met her, at a fashion show I photographed at K Street Lounge over the summer. Eduardo Bravo is a very popular hairstylist in Georgetown, and hair & makeup artist Myken Garcia was introduced to me by styling wunderkind James Cornwell backstage after the Fashion Fights Poverty (FFP) runway show last Friday night! One of the most talented and kind people I know, clothing stylist Anais de Viel Castel, agreed to help me bring the clothes to life. We started at Washington Life at the exact same time 3 years ago and have been friends ever since!

Crystal Hannon © Tony Powell

Crystal Hannon wearing a dress by Studio D Maxsi © Tony Powell

Two other meaningful things happened that night, at FFP. When I saw through my lens, model Lindsay Kin, walk down that runway in the  Chinese Ballroom of the Mayflower Hotel, I knew right away I had to work with her. She was wearing clothes by Studio D Maxsi, and as soon as that set was over I left my camera (something I never do) to race back to meet both model and designer before being swallowed up by the next wave of outfits and models to go out on the runway. I had been waiting to meet the right model to wear the red Bob Mackie dress that leads this posting. When I met Lindsay I knew she was the one. She was kind enough to oblige and I can say that never has an idea in my mind been so easily transferred to the real World. I almost didn’t go the runway show that night…the organizers were very busy and I didn’t know if I had place from which to shoot. That’s the beauty of staying open, of moving towards fear, not running away from it. I went that night despite the fear I wouldn’t have a place to get a good shot. It turns out that FFP founders Sylvie Luanghy and Kadrieka Maiden not only had a place for me, it was the best center spot in the house…and I almost stayed at home.

Courtney Caldwell © Tony Powell

Courtney Caldwell © Tony Powell

Andrew Paterini © Tony Powell

Andrew Paterini © Tony Powell

  1. absolutely stunning but I expected nothing less. It was a pleasure and a privilege and I cant wait until the next time!

  2. Lily Mazahery says:

    Absolutely amazing! I am so glad that my dresses were turned into art. Simply gorgeous.

  3. Lily Mazahery says:

    Tony, I need the password to see all the photos. The vintage Bob Mackie dress alone must have generated enough photos that Vogue and other fashion magazines would be fighting for your work!

  4. MYKEN says:


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