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© Tony Powell. Philippe Cousteau and Kimball Stroud

© Tony Powell. Philippe Cousteau and Kimball Stroud

The Dupont Circle brownstone of Kimball Stroud, DC’s lady about town who knows just about everyone who’s anyone, was the place to be for the first big party of the new decade! I can’t remember a gathering where so many things were dead on; the people, the food, the atmosphere, and the conversations (I know how to keep a secret…or 2.) And did I mention the ART? Every wall was covered with something original and out of the ordinary. My kind of place! When Kimball sends a text asking you over you know it’s going to be a calendar clearing event. Her text specifically said,“no camera, you’re not working,” but seeing as though I keep a camera in my trunk, at all times, and with so many friends there (old and new) I couldn’t resist: Nora Maccoby, Kiki Ryan, Philippe Cousteau, Chris and Susan Koch, Shari and Jason Gold, Jill Straus, David Vennett, Jonathan Capehart, Karen Finney, Jake Stafford, Pamela Sorensen, Ingrid Zimmer, Jessica Yellin, Ray Regan, Nicole Backus, Darren Thomas, Mary Streett, Melissa Torres, Christina Sevilla, YouthAIDS founder Kate Roberts, and on and on. They were still coming in as I was on the way out. James Alefantis and best pal Septime Webre lucked up and got my front-of-the-house parking space!

© Tony Powell. Norah Maccoby and Scott Sanders

© Tony Powell. Melissa Torres

© Tony Powell. Pamela Sorensen and Kate Roberts

© Tony Powell. Tedd Evers and Ingrid Zimmer

© Tony Powell. Karen Finney, Jonathan Capehart, and Susan Koch

© Tony Powell. Jill Straus and Shari Yost Gold

© Tony Powell. Chris Koch

© Tony Powell. Catherine Frels and Jacquelyn Davis

© Tony Powell. Pamela Sorensen and David Vennett

© Tony Powell. Kirsten Good and Diana Davis

  1. […] Thanks to Tony, who seems to always have his equipment on hand, even when he’s supposed to be relaxing (Tony, it’s a new concept!), here are some super shots on the link.  Also, his blog is up and running so go back to find out what Powell Play is up to, early and often: […]

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