Urban Daddy DC launch party. The W Hotel. February 12, 2010. photo © Tony Powell

Shooting last night’s Urban Daddy DC launch party at the W Hotel was the perfect remedy to a week of postponed-by-snow photo assignments and cabin fever. When I got the call from Fingerprint Communications co-chief Barbara Martin, asking if I was free, I jumped on it!

The "Harlem" James Gang © Tony Powell

Jeff Dufour and Jayne Sandman © Tony Powell

Sally Stiebel, Mark Ein, and Jeff Dufour © Tony Powell

There was a feast for the eyes and ears on the top floor of the W – intricately painted nearly nude models dishing out trays of cupcakes while – influenced by the roaring twenties/hip-hop/rap group –  The James Gang – belted out some of the most original music being made today! But we all really went there to celebrate Jeff Dufour, newly appointed editor of Urban Daddy DC, who along with new wife, PR meister Jayne Sandman, are one of DC’s youngest power couples.

Victoria Michael and Katherine Kennedy © Tony Powell

W Hotel Marketing Manager Kaitlyn Ferrara, White House speechwriter Jon Favreau, and Fingerprint PR co-founder Barbara Martin © Tony Powell

© Tony Powell

Christopher Reiter, Juleanna Glover, Christina Sevilla, Amy Holmes © Tony Powell

The "Harlem" James Gang © Tony Powell

Tyler Beardsley, Amy Argetsinger, Emily Miller, and Todd Flournoy © Tony Powell

Ashley Taylor and Omar Popal © Tony Powell

Pam Godet, top party planner Andre Wells, and Miriam Karim © Tony Powell

Dr. David Washington and Alexe Nowakowski © Tony Powell

Some of the politicos and night-lifers that braved the snowed-in side streets and snails-pace traffic of downtown DC last night included: Kastles owner Mark Ein with girlfriend Sally Stiebel, Meet the Press Executive Producer Betsy Fischer, White House speechwriter Jon Favreau, former Obama aide Dr. David Washington with CityDance Executive Director Alexe Nowakowski, Wash Post writer Amy Argetsinger, Hisaoka Communications prez Wendy Gordon, everywhere there couple Juleanna Glover and Christopher Reiter, CNN political contributor Amy Holmes, Marc Adelman, PEPCO VP Kim Watson and sister, JWoW Founder, Jacqui Watson, Rachel Pearson, a newly brunette Pamela Brown, Christina Sevilla, top bloggers Kate Michael, Emily Miller, Christina Wilkie, and Matt Dornic, my favorite new couple Ashley Taylor and Omar Popal, Becca Glover and Pepper Watkins, Washington Nationals president Stan Kasten, L2’s Rodrigo Garcia and Philippe Lanier, Carlos and Erika Gutierrez, Victoria Michael, Katherine Kennedy, Andre Wells, Lee Brenner, Latin Concepts’ Anna Chaley, Brian Komar, Todd Flournoy, Lydia and Scott Logan, and Elizabeth and hubby Almus Thorp.

© Tony Powell

Pamela Brown and Tyler Boyd © Tony Powell

Moira Bagley, Pepper Watkins, Becca Glover © Tony Powell

© Tony Powell

Rodrigo Garcia and Kate Michael © Tony Powell

DJ Mia Moretti © Tony Powell

Carlos and Erika Gutierrez © Tony Powell

Kim and Jacqui Watson, Leslie Rogers © Tony Powell

© Tony Powell

The ladies behind Fingerprint Communications © Tony Powell

  1. cemcatbas says:

    Good job Tony, beautiful pictures. I did not know you had a wordpress blog. You definitely know how to have fun!

    • Tony Powell says:

      Cem, I miss BB and being in the studio already! Hi to Elysabeth and all the dancers. I’m able to bring more people to the March Gala – things happen for the better I think! I’m so looking forward to seeing the ballet onstage! Let’s talk soon!

  2. John Arundel says:

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. The colors really pop here.

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