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© Tony Powell. Fulbright/DeJong Engagement. September 30, 2011

© Tony Powell. Fulbright/DeJong Engagement. September 30, 2011

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© Tony Powell. Fulbright/DeJong Engagement. September 30, 2011

© Tony Powell. Fulbright/DeJong Engagement. September 30, 2011


Photography and text by Tony Powell

Photo © Tony Powell. Ebong Eka, Lynda Erkiletian, Kate Michael

Photo © Tony Powell

Photo © Tony Powell. Dr. Ayman Hakki, Kate Michael, Christopher Reiter, Juleanna Glover

Photo © Tony Powell

Fans and friends of K Street Kate braved mid-August-in-DC mugginess and jammed into Dr. Ayman Hakki’s new cosmetics spa – Luxxery Express – to commemorate the online magazine’s 4th Anniversary. At the helm of it all? Kate Michael – arbiter of all things DC and one of the best hostesses in town! And those that came to get their drink on weren’t let down in the least!

Photo © Tony Powell

© Tony Powell. Kate Michael, Dannia Hakki

Photo © Tony Powell

© Tony Powell. Makeda Saggau-Sackey

The thirsty were treated to an open vodka bar with an endless list of mixers (many healthy options) and the East Coast debut of select Bordeaux wine, Brut and Rose champagnes by CPC Cellars. Some of those spotted in the crowd: Luxxery CEO Hiba Hakki, Real Housewife of DC Lynda Erkiletian with designer/boyfriend Ebong Eka, Moki Media’s Dannia Hakki, Makeda Saggau-Sackey, Angie Goff, Bianca Angelino Grimaldi, Juleanna Glover and Christopher Reiter, Angela Steever-Diba, Dr. Christine Warnke, on her way to Greece, and Ambassador of Yemen Abdulwahab Al-Hajjri.

Photo © Tony Powell. Hiba Hakki, Angela Steever-Diba

After raising many glasses to Kate and her crew at Luxxery the masses migrated to Mighty Pint for the official after party.

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© Tony Powell. Philippe Cousteau and Kimball Stroud

© Tony Powell. Philippe Cousteau and Kimball Stroud

The Dupont Circle brownstone of Kimball Stroud, DC’s lady about town who knows just about everyone who’s anyone, was the place to be for the first big party of the new decade! I can’t remember a gathering where so many things were dead on; the people, the food, the atmosphere, and the conversations (I know how to keep a secret…or 2.) And did I mention the ART? Every wall was covered with something original and out of the ordinary. My kind of place! When Kimball sends a text asking you over you know it’s going to be a calendar clearing event. Her text specifically said,“no camera, you’re not working,” but seeing as though I keep a camera in my trunk, at all times, and with so many friends there (old and new) I couldn’t resist: Nora Maccoby, Kiki Ryan, Philippe Cousteau, Chris and Susan Koch, Shari and Jason Gold, Jill Straus, David Vennett, Jonathan Capehart, Karen Finney, Jake Stafford, Pamela Sorensen, Ingrid Zimmer, Jessica Yellin, Ray Regan, Nicole Backus, Darren Thomas, Mary Streett, Melissa Torres, Christina Sevilla, YouthAIDS founder Kate Roberts, and on and on. They were still coming in as I was on the way out. James Alefantis and best pal Septime Webre lucked up and got my front-of-the-house parking space!

© Tony Powell. Norah Maccoby and Scott Sanders

© Tony Powell. Melissa Torres

© Tony Powell. Pamela Sorensen and Kate Roberts

© Tony Powell. Tedd Evers and Ingrid Zimmer

© Tony Powell. Karen Finney, Jonathan Capehart, and Susan Koch

© Tony Powell. Jill Straus and Shari Yost Gold

© Tony Powell. Chris Koch

© Tony Powell. Catherine Frels and Jacquelyn Davis

© Tony Powell. Pamela Sorensen and David Vennett

© Tony Powell. Kirsten Good and Diana Davis

Martha Hill circa 1922

With my Juilliard professors Laura Glenn (Limon technique) Janet Soares (Dance composition) and Danny Lewis (Limon technique)

© Tony Powell. Mary Hinkson

To say that a quarter of  The Cathedral NYC‘s ballroom last night was occupied by living legends of the dance world is not an over statement. Each year around 200 dancers, choreographers, and educators gather to celebrate the life of pioneer in-the-field, Martha Hill. I have the great honor of being the official photographer of the Martha Hill Dance Award Gala and look forward to it each year with great anticipation.

© Tony Powell. Martha Hill Dance Fund President Vernon Scott

© Tony Powell. Dancer Dian Dong and Choreographer HT Chen

© Tony Powell. Choreographer Robert Garland and Ailey II director Sylvia Waters

© Tony Powell. Choreographer, dancer, and teacher Mary Anthony

© Tony Powell. Hannah Baumgartner and Henning Rubsam

Martha Hill is credited with singlehandedly uniting the chiefs of modern dance, during it’s infancy, and also for laying the groundwork that enabled the discipline to be studied, as a major, in colleges all across the country.

© Tony Powell. Murray Louis and Beverly Blossom

Tony Powell. Choreographer/Dancers Murray Louis and Beverly Blossom

© Tony Powell. Awardees Beverly Blossom, Hortense Zera, Jacqueline Green, and Virginia Johnson

I was very fortunate to have been one of the last students hand-picked by Martha to attend The Juilliard School – where she presided over the dance program for over 30 years. Well into her eighties at the time, Martha Hill was an inspiration like none other, full of energy and insight, wisdom, and compassion.

© Tony Powell

Ten years ago an award was created to celebrate her life which recognizes 3 individuals each year in 3 different categories of the life arc of a dancer: The Young Professional, The Mid-Career, and The Lifetime Achievement Awards. This year’s event was presided over by choreographer and dancer Murray Louis with awards going to Jacqueline Green, Virginia Johnson, and Beverly Blossom respectively.

© Tony Powell. Dance critic Jennifer Dunning

© Tony Powell. Dance critic Jennifer Dunning

© Tony Powell. My Juilliard professors Jeanne Ruddy (Graham technique) and Linda Kent (Taylor technique)

© Tony Powell. Georgia Engel, Virginia Johnson, Elvi Moore

With my Juilliard classmates choreographer and dancer Rebecca Stenn on the left and author and dance educator Dr. Elizabeth McPherson (Beth just wrote the new book about Martha Hill)

© Tony Powell

© Tony Powell. Ernesta Corvino

© Tony Powell. Juelles Chester. 11.23.09

You never know who you’ll meet or where it might lead when staying open to all possibilities! Choreographer and dancer Kate Jordan invited me to the most recent open house at the Carriage House Studio, just before Halloween. The loosely knit group of photographers (pros and hobbyists) that comprise the DC Photographers Co-Op come together there once a month to share ideas and also to work with a variety of models, in the studio, and throughout the adjacent alleyways in the historic Logan Circle corridor of DC.

© Tony Powell. Juelles Chester. 11.23.09

© Tony Powell. Erica Dudley a.k.a. Model Keka. 11.23.09

The models that night a few weeks ago were dancers on loan from Kate’s dance company – they also rehearse there as part of an exchange. The stylist was a newbie seamstress and Booshie Design founder, Ginger Carlin – she only started sewing a year ago. What I first noticed about her was an overabundance of energy – she bounced around from model to model adjusting clothing (all her designs), applying makeup, and touching up tresses of hair, here and there. A veritable one stop shop for models, she seemed like an ideal partner for a photo shoot.

© Tony Powell. Vanja Simovic.11.23.09

© Tony Powell. Juelles Chester. 11.23.09

We hit it off right away. A casting call went out and we had 3 great new faces with which to work – Vanja Simovic, Juelles Chester, and Erica Dudley a.k.a. Model Keka. Makeup artist Carl Ray, Hairstylist Shannon Greene, and my photo assistant Kevin Smoot, rounded out the team.

© Tony Powell. Erica Dudley a.k.a. Model Keka. 11.23.09

Fast forward to the day before yesterday! Our grand plan for an all-day shoot at the Carousel, the Hall of Mirrors, and the Spanish Ballroom in Glen Echo Park came to a screeching halt when Mother Nature showed us her plans for the course of the day! The steady downpour of rain forced us inside and thanks to Ginger we were able to get the Carriage House studio on short notice. After a long day of shooting and some homemade chicken and steak fajitas back at Ginger’s Q Street crash pad we were ready for round 2! But where? Still raining, Ginger, model Juelles, and I drove all over NW DC looking for a quirky indoor location. A gas station? Safeway? The nightclub Heaven and Hell? Tryst? At midnight I finally decided to try the lobby of the Donovan House on Thomas Circle. After a series of emails and phone calls to the director of PR and Marketing, we got the green light. The PR director remembered my name from the summer when I would come up to shoot parties on the roof by the pool each week.

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My good friends- DC Film Commissioner Kathy Hollinger, far right, and Kimball Stroud, threw me the best birthday party I can remember! Fifty or so friends came out to Cafe Milano to help me celebrate last week in style!!! Thanks Kathy and Kimball!

© Tony Powell-44

© Tony Powell-69

© Tony Powell-165

© Tony Powell-79

© Tony Powell-93

Art Soiree Nov15th

Art Soiree presents a perfect way to end the FotoWeek DC in an elegant and memorable fashion.

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